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1. The second most abundant substance of a cell is

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2. Identify A to E in the given diagram.

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3. How many statements are correct with respect to labelled diagrams A,B and C?

  • All have division capacity
  • All are pigmented
  • All are different in shape and physiological activities.
  • All posses ribosomes.
  • All posses membrane bound distinct organelles.

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4. How many among the animals given below are homeotherms, having bony endoskeleton and exhibit internal fertilization.

Pristis, Ichthyophis, Calotes, Corvus, Hyla, Felis, Elephas, Pterophyllum

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5. Number of carboxylation occur in Calvin cycle, is

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6. Study the following statements and give answer:

  1. Bacteria are sole member of kingdom Monera.
  2. Bacteria are most abundant micro organisms.
  3. A handful of soil contains hundred of bacteria.
  4. Autotrophic bacteria are most abundant in nature.
  5. As the bacteria are prokaryotes, they show very little metabolic diversity.

Select the most appropriate option from the following

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7. Diadelphous stamens are found in –

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8. Given structural formula is correctly identified along with its related function by which of the following options?

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9. How many events are not related with photorespiration?

  • No synthesis of sugar.
  • No synthesis of ATP and NADPH2
  • Occurs in all cells of C3 plants.
  • Out of three one organelle with two membrane.

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10. Find the incorrect statement:

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11. Viroids have

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12. Proteinaceous infections particle, discovered by Prusiner is

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13. In five kingdom of classification given by Whittaker, prokaryotic and eukaryotic algae are –

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14. What shall be the number of chromosomes is prothalial cell, endosperm cell, ovuliferous scale and cortex cell of stem if the cell of leaf mesophyll is having 20 chromosomes?

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15. If you are provided with root-tips of onion in your class and are asked to count the chromosomes, which of the following stages can you most conveniently look into?

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16. Read the following statements:

(a) Energy is used to pump protons across a membrane to create a high concentration of protons within the periplasmic space.

(b) The NADP reductase enzyme is located on the lumen sider of thylakoid membrane.

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17. The number of mitochondria will be highest in the epithelial cells of –

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18. Identify the plant organ which is responsible for the perception of photoperiodic stimulus in most of the plants.

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19. Which does not involve brain?

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20. Refer the figure given below and select the option which gives correct labelling for all the four blanks : A, B, C ,D