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Our mission is to become one of the most prominent brands in the education sector, assisting young aspirants in achieving their aspirations via quality teaching, technology-enabled processes, and dedication. We believe that student's hard work and efforts requires perfect channel to develop into success narratives. 


To assist students in achieving their academic goals by delivering creative, best-in-class coaching using ancient teaching techniques along with Artificial Intelligence in order to make studying interesting and enjoyable. We wish to create top 10 rank holders, we hope to train more such diligent and brilliant young minds to achieve their goals.


Truth, Transparency, and Commitment are key to Amaze Classes value system. What we think, we say, and what we say, we do. We reveal ourselves to you as we truly are. We attempt to foster these qualities, as well as devotion and sincerity, in our students too. Our principles guide us to uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and to give our all in order to attain the aims of the institution and the student.

Getting Admission in MBBS or IIT is a challenge

The world will be a different place after Covid-19. Changes will be noticeable in a variety of behaviors, from shopping and eating out to vacation. The pandemic's influence has already been felt in the education sector. It is reasonable to expect that this impact will remain with us for a long time. It is also an event that has given rise to a drive for business digitization, particularly in the education sector. We must equip ourselves to bring the best of online education into the classrooms - a blended learning approach - and, in the process, provide students with a powerful learning experience who previously lacked decent education or quality resource access with a powerful learning experience.

The following are some significant ways in which education will change after covid-19:

1. Blended learning will become a reality, with online coursework supplementing classroom instruction. Students may be needed to physically attend sessions on fewer days and will be able to study at their own speed as a result. This will also provide them enough time to process information.

2. Teachers' training will be qualitatively different and all the teachers will be required to be prepared for online teaching as well. This will go a long way toward ensuring that they are comfortable with technology and can easily switch between online and offline forms of curriculum delivery. Above all, teachers will feel more empowered to deliver a more compelling lesson than they have in the past.

3. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help to customise each child's learning experience: Educators will soon have to abandon the 'one-size-fits-all' strategy that is commonly used in traditional classrooms and instead employ technology to provide a learning experience that is precisely tailored to a child's learning needs. In turn, the blended approach to learning will benefit all sorts of students since they will have the option to connect with various types of content such as video, audio, and presentations, improving their ability to personalize learning.

4. Teachers' roles will need to be redefined: With information easily available just a click away, the job of a teacher will progressively shift from that of a 'knowledge-giver' to that of a 'facilitator' in the growth of learners and assisting them to become life-long learners. Technology will be used successfully to reduce the time teachers spend on duties such as paper-setting, evaluating, and grading, allowing teachers to focus more effectively on teaching and course improvement.

5. To keep students involved in an online learning programme, interactivity and engagement in a physical classroom must be embedded in: Physical classrooms allow for a high level of interaction between the teacher and the pupils. Educators will need to implement numerous innovations in order to incorporate interaction and collaboration into their e-learning modules.

6. Principles of Social Distancing must be implemented: When schools, coaching centres, and other educational institutions operate following Covid-19, the new social distancing norms will inevitably modify how education is delivered. Schools may explore operating in shifts, classrooms will be subjected to severe sanitization procedures, and social separation will become the standard for all activities.

7. It should also be noted that in the current quarantine period, children are experiencing record levels of anxiety due to social alienation, self-isolation, and online study. It must be difficult for them to be unable to spend time with their friends, peers, and classmates as they used to, and to devote their energy on sports. It is critical that we, as educators, take responsibility for providing children with appropriate coping methods and assisting them in developing and strengthening relationships with supporting adults, including their teachers.

Based on the belief that education is a critical component in improving society and creating better futures for all. Nowadays, competition exists in every industry, and everyone wants a piece of the meritocracy pie. Students are concerned about their admission to prestigious institutes such as IITs or MBBS seats at reputable medical colleges. While it is true that hard work is required, students must also be aware of the guaranteed path to admission to elite universities. That is why we have devised a new strategy for


for those who truly deserve to be treated seriously in order to achieve their realistic goals.

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