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1. Two flasks X and Y have capacity 1L and 2L respectively and each of them contains 1 mole of gas. The temperatures of the flask are so adjusted that average speed of molecules in X is twice as those in Y. The pressure in flask X would be –

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3. According to Fajan’s rule polarization is more when –

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4. The right order of solubility of sulphates of alkaline earth metals is –

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11. Which of the following series of transitions in the spectrum of hydrogen atom falls in visible region?

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12. The correct order of increasing basic nature for the following compounds is

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Among the given species the Resonance stabilized carbocations are :

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15. No of electrons involved in the conversion of one nitrate ion to hydrazine will be –

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16. Oxidation state and covalency of phosphorous atom in a molecule of white phosphorous.

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18. The metal which displaces hydrogen from a boiling caustic soda solution is

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19. Calculate the number of kJ of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 60 gm of aluminum from 35 degree Celsius to 55 degree Celsius.  Molar heat capacity of Al is 24 J per mol per Kelvin.

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20. The numbers of spherical nodes in 3p orbitals are/is –