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1. Assertion: The vectors of equal magnitude may have different set of components along X-Axis and Y-Axis.

Reason: The component of vector depends  on magnitude as well as orientation of vector.

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2. Superposition is the main characteristics of

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3. The two nearest harmonics of a tube closed at one end and open at other end are 220 Hz and 260 Hz. What is the fundamental frequency of the system?

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4. For a certain organ pipe, three successive resonance frequencies are observed at 425 Hz, 595 Hz, and 765 Hz respectively. If the speed of the sound in air is 340 m/s, then the length of the pipe is –

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5. A solid sphere falls with a terminal velocity of 10m/s in air. If it is allowed to fall in vacuum,

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6. A body is projected up from the surface of the earth with a velocity equal to 3/4th of its escape velocity. If R be the radius of the earth, the height it reaches is –

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7. In head on elastic collision of two bodies of equal masses, it is not possible

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8. The lowest frequency to resonate in a pipe, closed at one end and open at other is 300 Hz. Which of the following frequencies will not resonate in this particular pipe?

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A child is belted into Ferris wheel seat that rotates counter clock wise at constant speed in a vertical plane at an amusement park. At the location shown, which direction best represents the total force exerted on the child by the seat  and belt?

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10. A monkey of mass 20 kg rides on a 40 kg trolley moving with constant speed of 8 m/s along a horizontal track. If the monkey jumps vertically with respect to the trolley to grab the overhanging branch of a tree, the speed of the trolley, after the monkey has jumped off is –

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11. The velocity of the boat in still water is 10 m per second. The river flow velocity is 5 m per second. The velocity of the boat with respect to river is

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12. A solid sphere is rotating freely about its symmetry axis in free space. The radius of the sphere is increased keeping its mass same. Which of the following physical quantities would remains constant for the sphere?

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13. If distance between two masses is doubled, gravitational attraction between them –

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14. Angular momentum of the particle rotating with a central force is constant due to  –

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15. A vertical tube of length 100 cm contains a mercury pallet of length 5 cm as shown in figure. The length of the tube above mercury pallet if the tube is inverted is nearly (atm pressure = 75 cm)

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16. The displacement of the moving particle is proportional to the square of time. For this particle

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17. For tap water and clean glass, the angle of contact is –

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18. Two strings with mass per unit length of 25g/cm and 9 g/cm are joined together in series. The reflection coefficient for the vibration waves are –

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19. A projectile of mass 3m explodes at highest point of its path. It breaks into three equal parts. On part retraces its path, the second ones comes to rest. The range of the projecticle was 100m if no explosion would have taken place. The distance of third part from the point of projection when it finally lands on the ground is :

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20. When a constant force is applied to a body, it moves with uniform